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7 Just Awesome Packing And Moving Tips From Edmonton Movers

Mark Boxes with Colored Tape
From the everyday moving and hauling, Edmonton Movers www.matco.ca has found that there are better ways to move all of your stuff. Moving does seem like a big endeavor at first, but with a few tips and a lot of patience, you can manage to move your home without breaking down into your tears. Whether you have a ton of boxers, or you’re on a budget, these tips should help you save time and keep your cool.

1. Set Up a First Day Box

Set Up a First Day Box
This box is one of the most important boxes you can set aside. You can grab a medium-sized box and fill it with everything you’ll need on the first day, including toilet paper, glasses, coffee, food items, scissors, trash bags, and other items you think are necessary for the first day. This box should be the easiest to find or go with you in your car on the way to the new place.

2. Simply Put Things inside Bigger Things

Simply Put Things inside Bigger Things
This may seem like a no brainer, but we see it all the time. You should never leave a space empty inside of a box that could be filled with smaller things. For example, if you have pots and pans in one box, why not add other things from the kitchen inside of the pots, such as spices or other dry items that belong in the kitchen? You can make sure every nook and cranny is filled this way.

3. Mark Boxes with Colored Tape

Mark Boxes with Colored Tape
You may think writing on a box is enough, but if you want to denote that something is fragile, why not mark it with red tape as well? You can also organize boxes by color, including blue for the bedroom and orange for the bathroom. Washi tape is a good product to use for this tip.

4. Afraid of Losing Something? Make a List and Check It Twice

Afraid of Losing Something? Make a List and Check It Twice
Lists may not be that fun to you, but for organizers, lists are a godsend for a move. However, there is a better way to list that makes it more organized. First, write every room down with space underneath for items that you’ll be packing from each room. Then, underneath each room’s heading, write down Box 1, Box 2, Box 3 and so forth. In each box, you’ll list the things that you want to go together. This is really helpful if you want to be super organized and clean with your move.

5. Label Your Electrical Wires

Label Your Electrical Wires
Got a lot of electronics with a ton of wires? Take some time and label your plugs. You can use tape that you can write on to label each wire. In addition, you can take a photo of your electrics set up showing how the wires are plugged in.

6. Protect What’s Precious

Protect What's Precious
If you have fragile mugs, antiques, keepsakes, and other breakables, you should do your breast to wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap and place them in the box carefully so that they won’t rub and hit against other fragile items. Plastic bags can also work for this tip.

7. Get People Involved

Get People Involved
You may think that people hate helping others move, but it doesn’t have to be that kind of a move! You can make it into a fun thing with food and music, and when you have lots of people pitching in, the move goes really fast. So, get your kids involved, ask your extended family to come out, and put the word on Facebook that you need some help moving places. You’ll be surprised at how many people are happy to help.

New Locks Installation From A Certified Locksmith: 6 Huge Benefits

High level of training, technical expertise, knowledge, and experience

You may be considering the installation of new locks in your existing house. You may have bought a new house in which case it is necessary to install new locks. Would you go out and buy locks on your own and then get someone to install them or would you choose a certified locksmith for the installation? The latter is a better option. Read on.

1. Smart locks

Smart locks

Why install mechanical locks when you can have smart locks? You may go out and buy a smart lockset but it is better to involve a certified locksmith in the process. Certified locksmith lockup services assist you in a number of ways. They know the peculiarities of each brand and will help you choose the right one. Two, smart locks are rather finicky and misalignments could cause malfunctions.

This is where certified locksmiths prove to be helpful. They will examine all your doors and take care of these to ensure the smart locks, when installed, will not jam. The lock may not fit properly due to the door design. Certified locksmiths know all that goes into purchase and installation of smart locks and will make it easier for you. The locks work perfectly.

2. Scamsters


The locksmith business is full of scamsters who have no fixed address or licensing or certification. Entrust new lock installation to them and you are actually opening your doors to a possible burglary in the future. According to the news, locksmith scams are on the rise. Certified and licensed locksmiths have a solid reputation and integrity. You can trust them to maintain confidentiality.

3. Certified locksmiths will help you in an emergency

Certified locksmiths will help you in an emergency

Certified locksmiths can be compared to family physicians. Such trusted locksmiths will help you select the right single key-multiple lock solution and then retain a record of the key or even a duplicate key for emergency use.

If you misplace your key you do not have to worry. Call your locksmith and you will have your door open in a jiffy. If the locks develop a problem, he can repair them. You do not have to buy new locks all over again.

4. High level of training, technical expertise, knowledge, and experience

High level of training, technical expertise, knowledge, and experience

You will find cogent reasons to pick only certified locksmiths for new lock installation. Locksmiths need to pass four levels of certification, each one more rigorous than the previous one. What you get is the benefit of training, knowledge, practical experience and expertise.

5. Total security solutions

Unsecure home
Credits: informedmag.com

Locksmiths are knowledgeable about security. Mechanics may simply fit a lock to your door and be done with it. Certified locksmiths will assess the door and other security aspects and give you full advice. Apart from new locks installation, you receive the benefit of guidance on fully securing your premises with the use of other gadgets.

6. Fair pricing and transparency

Fair pricing and transparency

Scamsters will go to any lengths to make money. They may not give a proper estimate. There will be hidden surprises and extra charges all of which lead to unpleasantness. Certified locksmiths, on the other hand, give you a fair estimate upfront. In fact, they may even source and supply the finest locks at a lower than the market price.

4 Reasons Why Investing in a Registered Education Savings Plans Can Pay Off in a Big Way


Few things are more important to parents than making sure that their children have every advantage possible. For parents around the world, one of the top such priorities is making sure their children receive the best university education possible, which in turn means saving enough money so you can afford the best such education. You never want your child’s progress or educational opportunities to be stifled due to your inability to pay for them. A Registered Education Savings Plan from Heritage Resp can do a great deal to ease the burden on parents – and here are just a few ways how.

1. A Favourable Cost-Benefit Ratio
First, it’s important to note that an RESP has a very favourable cost-benefit ratio in the final analysis in many cases. This is due in no small part to the fact that the end goal, being able to afford a quality university education, is such a priceless commodity that making it more affordable can justify a lot. By investing the requisite amount of money into the system and taking advantage of the benefits described below, you can build up your economic resources over the years so that, when the time finally comes for your child to start looking for universities, they have years’ worth of invested money compounded with interest and subsidies with which to pay tuition.

2. Interest Rates Over Time
That’s another major benefit of investing in an RESP. When you set aside money on your own, you might keep the money, but it’s simply “idle,” and not growing or gaining value. When you invest your money in an heritage education funds RESP, by contrast, you can count on that money to accumulate interest, thus allowing you to have even more capital at the end of the day to spend on your child’s education. Interest rates will vary depending on the province, the amount you invest, and the amount of time you keep your RESP open and running, so you’ll want to do a little research to find the setup that’s right for you.

3. Province Variance
As stated, the difference between provinces can play a huge role in the effectiveness of your RESP. What works in Ontario might not work as well in Alberta, for example, and vice versa. Some provinces also offer their own RESPs as well as the nationally-sponsored options.

4. Getting Subsidies
And that, in turn, brings us to one of the biggest motivating factors behind investing in a Registered Education Savings Plan. In the same way that your heritage RESP can accrue interest over time, it can also get subsidized by the national and often provincial governments. This can be a huge boost over private bank holdings, which would naturally not be subsidized. The size of subsidy you receive will again vary based on several factors, including the amount of time you’ve had your RESP open and what you have invested in it. While they are capped at a certain level, these subsidies can help grow your capital dramatically.

All of this and more helps explain how RESPs Canada can make affording your child’s education that much easier.

7 Tips for Creating a Good URL Structure For SEO

best url structure for seo
Credit: Pixabay

Most of your visitors will end up on your website by clicking on a link. So, it is natural to want to have a good URL structure. The structure of your URLs is also a key component of on-site SEO.  It’s easy to overlook it, but it is important to get it just right. Here are some tips on the best URL structure for SEO.

1.      Make the URL Relevant

Make the URL Relevant
Credit: Pixabay

Many websites still use URL that are automatically generated. These URLs often look like gibberish. While they work just fine, it’s a waste of a big SEO opportunity and it’s confusing to the visitors. You should make a point of customizing each URL based on the contents of the page.

2.      Use a Standard URL Structure

Use a Standard URL Structure
Credit: Pixabay

Your URL structure has a huge bearing on the overall organization of your website. Take time to figure out the categories and subcategories you will have on your website. Think through how you want to portray the pages appearing in these categories in your URLs. Make sure to keep things simple. Having too many categories will result in a messy and confusing web structure. It’s best to stick to the main categories to have a more consistent and intuitive website.

3.      The URLs Should Be Short and Simple

Url should be short and simple
Credit: Pixabay

Make your URLs are concise and to the point. Don’t fill them with unnecessary words and characters, and make sure to avoid stuffing them with keywords. If your keyword appears more than once in your URL, you may get into trouble with Google. You want your visitors to be able to easily remember the URLs if they needed to.

4.      Insert Your Primary Keyword

Insert Your Primary Keyword
Credit: Pixabay

Every single page on your website should have a primary keyword that you want to rank for in the SERPs. Make sure the keyword is relevant to the content in the page and that the term is phrased in a manner that’s used by people searching for what is on the page. Your URLs should contain the primary keyword. If the link points to an article or blog post, you can always use the main words in the title along with the keyword to come up with a short URL.

5.      Use Hyphens

 Use Hyphens
Credit: Pixabay

You cannot use spaces in between words in your URLs. The SEO best practice dictates that you use hyphens in between words. This helps show search engines where the breaks are between words and makes it easier for users to figure out what the URL is about.

6.      Avoid Stop Words

Avoid Stop Words
Credit: Pixabay

Stop words such as the, a, and, but, or, of, and etc. are completely unnecessary in the URL. They only make the URL longer than it should be.

7.      Use Canonical Tags

Use Canonical Tags
Credit: Pixabay

It is possible for Google to register different versions of the same page as distinct pages. If you have a page on your website that’s tied to several URLs, then the SEO value of the page is diluted. One of the most common mistakes is having both www.yourwebsite.com and http://yourwebsite.com  active. It is also possible to have an additional https://yourwebsite.com if you have a secure version of the page. Using canonical tags helps Google to identify the main URL representing all other versions. You can get an SEO expert at www.seovancouver.ca to help you with this.

Keyless Door Locks: Pros & Cons


Ever wondered how those cool biometric locks function in those badass Hollywood movies? Well, guess what! You’re not the only one who got blown away with all the futuristic stuff shown in the movies. Keyless locks are becoming more accessible across the globe, and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Conventional locking systems are becoming obsolete as we talk. With revolutionary technologies evolving rapidly, biometric systems have swept the markets with their super secure systems. Let’s make things easier for you by breaking the whole thing down in terms of pros and cons in case you’re pondering about getting keyless locking systems for your home:

Pros of keyless locks



Security is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing a lock. The sole purpose of a lock is to keep possible intruders from breaking in. Keyless alternatives are more secure because of the technology they use nowadays. Biometric locks make use of the biological traits to decide whether the person seeking access is the rightful owner or not. Besides, most of the keyless door systems offer cloud support which is capable of alerting you of any possible tampering even when you’re away.


Fingerprint scanner
Rachmaninoff [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
The biggest selling point of the entire setup is the fact that it lets people do away with their keys. People who have a lot going through their mind often end up losing their keys in a way or another. Losing a key has serious repercussions and often requires the lock to be replaced for ensuring security. Keyless locks are the savior for people who absent-mindedly lose their keys.

No Fear Of Getting Locked Out:

Keyless lock

Don’t we all hate it when we get locked outside our homes while rushing back to pick up an important file left mistakenly before a meeting? The people inside might not always be available to let you in, and this often leads to unnecessary delays at times of need. Keyless door locks eliminate the dependency of an insider to let you in and help you overcome the fear of getting locked out at times of need.

Better Tracking:

Advanced keyless door systems coupled with a camera setup help in determining the traffic into your home at all times. Keeping a track of people coming in and leaving your house is important in the event of suspicion. This is a very important aspect when it comes to overall security.

Cons of keyless locks:

Frequent Updating:

Frequent Updating

Keyless systems require constant updates whether it be adding a new biometric signature or changing the passcode to the lock. The passcode needs to be changed frequently or at least after every public event to ensure nobody apart from the owners can unlock the doors.



Cost is not the deciding factor when it comes to securing your property, but it does play a significant role for some people. Keyless locks are getting cheaper with each passing day but still remain unaffordable to people struggling to make ends meet.

Software Glitches:

Although software glitches are highly uncommon for the best in the business keyless door locks, it does trouble people using their cheaper counterparts. A software issue often leads to a lockout scenario for the owners with only a technician knowing the way back in.

Some people can go on ranting about the cons of keyless door systems and it still won’t matter.  Sooner or later, keyless locking systems will get closer to perfection making the manual pin locks go obsolete. Since you have a better understanding of what you seek now, why don’t you call your locksmith lock-up services inc today and explore your options regarding keyless door systems?