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7 Reasons to Get a Camera Inspection of Your Plumbing


A plumber has to make educated guesses on drainage problems and try to locate a clog the hard way without the benefits of being able to see down into the pipes. Below are seven ways that a camera inspection of your drainage pipes is a sensible solution for locating problems and seeing the condition of your drainage system.

1. Complete Home Plumbing Inspection Before Sale or Purchase

Having the plumbing carefully checked is one way to ease your mind when it comes to buying and selling a home. You can let the results showing solid and clear drainage speak for themselves when enticing new buyers.

2. Routine Checkup to Keep Pipes Free Flowing

Slow draining pipes are an indication that you have a buildup of materials or a developing clog. Have your pipes checked visually using a camera system that accesses every area.

3. Locate the Source of a Clog

A clog that is deep within your sewer drains can be hard to pinpoint. A camera inspection will search until it finds the area that’s causing the problem. It’s a helpful diagnostic tool for your plumber.

4. Locate Outdoor Pipe Without Digging Up the Yard

Do you know where your sewer pipe runs from the house to the location it empties into the city drainage? A camera inspection will show the exact location by sending out a signal telling the operator where it’s at when the pipe is entered. It will save digging up numerous holes in the yard searching for the pipe.

5. Locate the Source of a Problem Without Tearing Up Your House

Signal location with a camera inspection is helpful inside the home. You can find out exactly where clogs or areas of needed repair are without tearing out walls and flooring searching. It makes the repair faster and less destructive to reach. Find more information and learn from the available resources on the Drain Rescue website.

6. Check Root Growth

Roots can begin growing into your drain pipes if there are trees close to your line and the system is aging. Removing them is great, but they have a tendency to grow back over time. A camera inspection will show you how much regrowth has happened and whether you need to have roots removed again.

7. Prepare for a Remodel

Adding, removing, or replacing plumbing goes smoother when you know what is already there and whether the current hardware is sufficient. Plumbing professionals will often use a camera inspection to help in the planning process of a major remodel.

Check with a plumber and find out if you can benefit from having a camera inspection of your drainage system.

Five Measures To Do for a Successful College Move


You have finally unpacked all your boxes and the professional college movers you hired have delivered everything to your dorm. If you think it is now time to chill and relax, well, think again. Your move is not completely done because there are still a few things that you need to do and buy to make sure your new college abode is up and ready. Here are some measures that you must carry out before you can declare a successful college move-in.

1. Shop for Food

When all your belongings are now in the dorm room, it is now time to stock up your pantry. No one wants to be awake in the middle of the night with no food to grab to assuage a grumbling stomach. Head out to your nearest grocery and stock up on your favorite snacks. Be sure to include healthy food items that can be easily prepared such as instant oatmeal, hot cocoa mix, granola bars, PB&J, and the like. If you don’t have access to a fridge, lay off food items that can easily spoil.

2. Buy Domestic Stuff

College will be the time you have no parents to help you with laundry or dish washing. Be sure to load up on laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, dryer sheets, dish washing soap, paper towels, and sponges. If you want clean clothes to wear, be sure your laundry doesn’t pile up. In the same token, if you don’t want a germ infested kitchen sink, then wash dose dishes after every use. You’re a college student now, so it is time to take these responsibilities to heart.

3. Pick-up Personal Essential Items

Once you’ve arranged the boxes you brought and the stuff delivered by professional college movers, you will realize that you may be missing some essential items. Don’t forget to buy your toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, deodorant, and batteries. If you forgot to pack an emergency kit, including rescue medicines for headaches, colds, coughs, tummy pain, and the like, now is the time to purchase them. Remember, you no longer have parents to physically care for you, so even if you are feeling sick, you have to do things by your lonesome.

4. Get To Know Your Roomie

After everything has been unpacked, it is time to get to know your roommates. It is important to have a good relationship with them because you will be staying together for many months. A roommate you trust is crucial because your room will contain a lot of important items. Getting on your roommate’s good side is a vital ingredient to a happy dorm life.

5. Call Home

Last but most important thing you have you to do at the end of your move-in day is to ring home. Hearing your parents’ voice as you wind down the day in your new crib will be a huge source of comfort. It is the perfect time to thank them because you won’t be where you are if not for their resources and support. For more knowledge, Matco Calgary Movers may offer additional resources on their website.

7 Just Awesome Packing And Moving Tips From Edmonton Movers

Mark Boxes with Colored Tape
From the everyday moving and hauling, Edmonton Movers www.matco.ca has found that there are better ways to move all of your stuff. Moving does seem like a big endeavor at first, but with a few tips and a lot of patience, you can manage to move your home without breaking down into your tears. Whether you have a ton of boxers, or you’re on a budget, these tips should help you save time and keep your cool.

1. Set Up a First Day Box

Set Up a First Day Box
This box is one of the most important boxes you can set aside. You can grab a medium-sized box and fill it with everything you’ll need on the first day, including toilet paper, glasses, coffee, food items, scissors, trash bags, and other items you think are necessary for the first day. This box should be the easiest to find or go with you in your car on the way to the new place.

2. Simply Put Things inside Bigger Things

Simply Put Things inside Bigger Things
This may seem like a no brainer, but we see it all the time. You should never leave a space empty inside of a box that could be filled with smaller things. For example, if you have pots and pans in one box, why not add other things from the kitchen inside of the pots, such as spices or other dry items that belong in the kitchen? You can make sure every nook and cranny is filled this way.

3. Mark Boxes with Colored Tape

Mark Boxes with Colored Tape
You may think writing on a box is enough, but if you want to denote that something is fragile, why not mark it with red tape as well? You can also organize boxes by color, including blue for the bedroom and orange for the bathroom. Washi tape is a good product to use for this tip.

4. Afraid of Losing Something? Make a List and Check It Twice

Afraid of Losing Something? Make a List and Check It Twice
Lists may not be that fun to you, but for organizers, lists are a godsend for a move. However, there is a better way to list that makes it more organized. First, write every room down with space underneath for items that you’ll be packing from each room. Then, underneath each room’s heading, write down Box 1, Box 2, Box 3 and so forth. In each box, you’ll list the things that you want to go together. This is really helpful if you want to be super organized and clean with your move.

5. Label Your Electrical Wires

Label Your Electrical Wires
Got a lot of electronics with a ton of wires? Take some time and label your plugs. You can use tape that you can write on to label each wire. In addition, you can take a photo of your electrics set up showing how the wires are plugged in.

6. Protect What’s Precious

Protect What's Precious
If you have fragile mugs, antiques, keepsakes, and other breakables, you should do your breast to wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap and place them in the box carefully so that they won’t rub and hit against other fragile items. Plastic bags can also work for this tip.

7. Get People Involved

Get People Involved
You may think that people hate helping others move, but it doesn’t have to be that kind of a move! You can make it into a fun thing with food and music, and when you have lots of people pitching in, the move goes really fast. So, get your kids involved, ask your extended family to come out, and put the word on Facebook that you need some help moving places. You’ll be surprised at how many people are happy to help.

Ways In Which New Moving Agencies Can Help You Save Big

You can work right up to the time of moving

Moving is fun which is why many Canadians move from one city to another and from one State to another. You get to live and work in a different environment. You get to make new friends.

The only dark spot is the moving process. It is no easy task to pack up all your belongings and unpack them. It is also expensive depending on how far you move. Still, there are ways in which you can save on moving costs.

Hire new movers instead of established companies

Hire new movers instead of established companies

Established movers will charge high rates because they have higher overheads. New movers start small and are eager to get new customers.

They will go out of their way to satisfy you and even in throw in freebies like free packing or free assistance with unpacking and placing items around in your new house. They will also be amenable to negotiating rates. They want the business.

Let movers take care of packing and unpacking

Let movers take care of packing and unpacking

Things should be left to the experts to deal with. When it comes to packing and moving Calgary movers are the best in business. However, when you engage a new moving company, they may offer to do it for free or for a low price.

You can save on costs by getting packing boxes for almost free from nearby stores and organize your packing. Tell the packers how you want stuff packed. Give them a list. Free yourself for more important tasks.

Box truck

Box truck

Better still, if the new moving company offers a box truck, this means you do not need to pack all belongings in boxes. You can simply load cupboards, sofas, and tables in the box truck.

Smaller items can go inside refrigerators and cupboards and some boxes. You can negotiate a better deal and save on packaging costs.

Save time and effort

Save time and effort

You save time and effort. These directly translate into money terms since everything has a value. Let new movers take care of packing and getting this organized. You can use the time and effort to handle other tasks associated with moving.

You can take care of insurance, closing or transferring bank accounts, paying utility bills and other tasks. You get free advice that helps avoid costly mistakes. You remain stress-free.

You can work right up to the time of moving

You can work right up to the time of moving

Engaging new movers to handle everything including packing and loading will free you to keep working. You can work right till the last day and then move.

Even if you do pay marginally more for packing, you still earn on that day. In effect, you are saving money. Professionals advise choosing a moving company that takes care of everything.

New movers have better equipment and processes

New movers have better equipment and processes

Old moving companies fall into a pattern and use outdated trucks or equipment and packing methods. New moving companies are likely to be run by professionals.

This new breed of professionals uses the best moving trucks for speedy and safe delivery. They are likely to have better packing processes.

You can expect them to use better equipment for the packing/loading processes. All these translate to savings because the truck gets loaded fast, arrives quickly at the destination and none of your belongings sustains any damages.

 5 Reasons Why You Should Trust the Pros To Pack For Your Move

Credit: Pixabay

It has been established that moving, whether commercial or domestic, is amongst the most stressful events in anyone’s life. The planning and preparation stages of the move are the most stressful and time-consuming parts of the move. During the preparation process, you’re required to de-clutter your premise and pack for the move. De-cluttering can take more time as it involves deciding what to keep, what to give away, and what to store. One of the best ways to ensure you minimize the stress associated with moving is by hiring professionals to get the job done. Here is why paying someone to pack your house is advisable.

1.    Efficiency

Credit: Pixabay

Depending on the size of your house and areas around your home, there are spaces that will take days to pack up. This can be a challenge if you do not have too much time on your hands to pack on your own. Therefore, hiring professional movers to get the job done can go a long way in minimizing the amount of time it takes to pack. What can take you days will probably take the movers only a few hours.

2.    Packing Tools

Credit: Pixabay

Finding top quality packing material can be a challenge if you are going at it alone. However, hiring a professional moving company to pack your house means that they will bring their own tools. The best movers will ensure that they use the best material to pack your items to ensure safety since they are liable for any breaks or losses. Therefore, this takes away the stress you would have experienced as you try to look for the best moving boxes for your needs. This is one of the main reasons why paying someone to pack your house is a good idea.

3.    You Get Time to Spare

Credit: Pixabay

Using professional movers leaves with you with enough time in your hands to handle other aspects of the move such as lease agreements, getting internet set up in your new home, and paying for home utilities to ensure you have power and gas once you move. You also get time to say goodbye to your old neighbors and any family members you may be leaving behind.

4.    They Employ the Best Practice

Credit: Pixabay

Moving companies use the best moving practice to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. This is what they do on a day to day basis, which means that they are conversant with the process. They know how best to handle every item in your home, ranging from fragile kitchen wear to your furniture and perishables.

5.    Better Organization

Credit: Pixabay

Professional movers are organized and understand that it is the only way to get things done effectively. They will do things methodically and pack from one room to the other, ensuring they label everything clearly. They also ensure that the boxes do not make it hard for you to maneuver around the house during the packing process.

Whether you’re packing for an emergency move or you have enough time to plan your move, paying someone to pack your house is the best way to ensure that the move is easy and stress-free for you.