Relocating to a new home a long distance away may seem impossible to do without the help of a professional moving company. Scheduling service with your movers as soon as is reasonably possible will help to ensure that you have all of the help that you need throughout the process and that you have your choice of moving dates and times. However, your long distance movers will need to obtain some information from you before they can provide you with a quote and book your appointment.

1. Your Moving Date
One of the first questions that your long distance movers will ask is for your moving date. This is the date when the movers will load the truck and drive down the road with your items. Keep in mind that a long distance move usually cannot be completed within a single day. In fact, some long distance movers will complete several relocation projects in tandem. Therefore, it may be a week or longer before your items are actually delivered to your new home. When providing your moving date, inquire about the delivery date to ensure that your expectations are met.


2. Both Addresses
If you have not made firm plans regarding your new residence yet, you typically cannot request moving services. The company will need to have both addresses to book service. More than that, they may need to know about the parking situation, the presence of stairs and other property-specific information when quoting the service and when booking the time for your moving team.

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3. The Types of Services You Need
Many professional moving companies offer an extensive range of services. Loading and unloading the truck is perhaps the most common of these services, but others are also available. For example, some companies offer assistance with packing and unpacking boxes, setting up electronics, appliances connections and more. These factors affect the cost of services as well as the amount of the movers’ time that will be reserved for your project.


4. The Items to Be Moved
Some companies will discuss the extent of your relocation plans over the phone, and others will provide you with an in-home consultation. As an example, some homes that have three bedrooms and two bathrooms have minimal contents, and others are jam-packed with belongings. To obtain a more accurate quote, look for a company that offers an in-home consultation.

Booking moving services early will help to ensure that you have assistance on a desired day. However, you cannot complete your reservation request if you do not have all of the information necessary. Remember that you can always adjust your reservation later, but you generally will need to provide at least this minimum amount of information to the best of your abilities when you book services with Premier Van Lines.


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