There’s nothing worse than finding out your food packaging didn’t provide the protection you thought it would. You can lose a lot of food and a lot of customers if your packages end up leaking. The good news is that there are many featured offered by leak detection equipment.

1. Leak Checks

There are many different ways for you to package food. Whether it’s in a box, a bag, or something else, you want to check for leaks. A seal, seam, or closure could easily leak. It’s best to know if it’s likely to do so before you place the food in a large box and send it off to a grocery store or even directly to a customer.

Leaks are likely to cause food waste and even spoilage.

2. Pressure Issues

You might also have problems with the pressure of a bag. For example, if a bag of chips is over pressurized, it could easily burst open. If you have a problem like this, the leak detection equipment would identify it. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t learn about the issue until the store or customer notifies you.

You don’t want to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars replacing a product. As such, running a few tests will tell you everything you need to know so you’re not wasting money.

3. Altitude Tests

Some food might be fine in its packaging until it reaches a higher altitude. Whether your food is going to Denver or it’s being shipped by plane, you want it to make it through all of the different altitude changes.

It’s hard to conduct this kind of test unless you’re using leak detection equipment. The good news is that many types of equipment will check for changes in altitude to ensure your packaging can stand up against it all.

4. Emissions Tests

Finally, there are different emission tests that you can subject your packaging to before going to market. For example, does your packaging send off air bubbles on the outside? What about gas? These are all signs of poor packaging and can result in a less-than-perfect product being delivered to the customer.

Emissions are often forgotten about. However, you want to make sure the packaging isn’t leaking in any possible way before it leaves your property. Further, it shouldn’t leak even when subjected to various changes in the environment. It’s what will make it easier to have confidence in your product when sending it out to stores and customers.

5. Checks Packaging of Many Sizes

You might not always have the same package size to test. As such, you need equipment that is capable of testing packaging of many sizes. From small to large, the packages need to be tested before you can go to market. Even the smallest leak could result in a spoiled product. This can be avoided by making sure that the packaging fits within the equipment that you buy.

Anytime you buy leak detection equipment, you want to make sure it’s capable of working with the kinds of packages you create. It will allow you to save money and offer a better product in the marketplace.


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