Duct cleaning can eliminate the debris that builds up in your home’s ducts over time, including pet hair, dander, dust, and dirt. In turn, this can help reduce the amount of dust that works its way into your breathing air and home when you turn on the heater or air conditioner. Is this a service you need to have done? If you’re not sure, the signs below are those to keep in mind.


1. You’ve Had a Recent Infestation

An infestation of vermin or wild animals can be problematic because of the diseases they carry. Fortunately, much of the danger of these animals is eliminated once they are removed from the home. However, it’s important to keep in mind that they could leave dangers lurking in your ductwork. Their droppings, fur, and dander can work their way out when you turn the air on, and if ingested, those can be dangerous to your family and pets.

2. Excessive Dust From Vents

While some dust around your vents is normal, you should not see a large amount being pushed out when you turn on the air. If this is the case, then that could mean there’s an excessive amount of debris built up inside of the ductwork. In a situation like this, it’s best not to take risks. Cleaning will remove all dust, hair, dirt, and other impurities so your vents stay clean.


3. You’ve Had Recent Water Damage

If there’s a crack or gap in the ductwork in your home, and you experience water damage on the roof, that could leave water trapped. If it’s not removed, it can turn into dangerous mold. In situations like these, cleaning is an important part of keeping your home safe. Here is a great solution for water damage.

4. Recent Construction Was Done in Your Home

Construction can improve your home but it can also cause a lot of dust to rise up into the air. This can collect and settle in your ducts, even if you’re diligent about using fans while work is being done. To eliminate this buildup, it’s best to have duct cleaning done as soon as the construction has been completed.


5. Allergies are a Problem for a Family Member

Allergies, especially those that are severe, can be inflamed when there’s extra dust, dander, or other allergens floating around your home. Even if you have air filters, these won’t be much help if those allergens are coming from your air ventilation ducts. By having them cleaned, you’ll have one less area of your home contributing to inflamed allergies. Here is a great article on ways to naturally fight allergies.

Keeping Your Home Clean

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends having air ducts in your home cleaned every three to five years. However, if you have severe asthma or live in a particularly dusty area, then you may need to have air duct cleaning services done more frequently. Once it’s completed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing this important part of your home is clean and dust-free. Visit¬†Pro Duct Cleaning Solutions¬†for more information.


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