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Home break-ins are an unfortunate reality that some people have to go through and experience in life. It can leave many people feeling violated as if a piece of them has been tampered with and this is too farfetched an idea.

Our homes are very much an extension of who we are to an extent, and it can be very violating to have a stranger come into our homes and take and do what they want. Luckily in Toronto, there are many locksmith Toronto services that offer stellar locksmith services that make it very difficult for this particular scenario to happen.

If you plan on moving to America, then you might want to keep these cities in the back of your mind as they are some of the most burglarized home invading states in all of the country.

(Not at all suggesting that ALL of the state and people are like this.) 

6 Cities That Have The Highest Percentage Of Home Break-Ins

# 1 – Baltimore, Maryland

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Baltimore has a very bad rap and is well known to be one of the most crime-ridden cities. So it is not too unlikely that home break-ins are quite prominent in this city with Baltimore ranking consistently in the top ten cities where break-ins are very common.

# 2 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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The city of law. Philadelphia has seen an increase in home break-ins in the last decade. Property damage is considered one of the most recurring theme in regards to the break-ins.

# 3 – San Antonio, Texas

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The saying everything is bigger in Texas can also be attributed to the amount fo hoe break-ins. San Antonio has seen a massive amount of home break-ins and although the numbers have been slowing down the percentage is still quite high and noticeable.

# 4 – Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago has a very notorious reputation as a place where gang violence and murders are well known. Although this is not all true for the entirety of the city the amount of crime is something that should not be overlooked.

# 5 – Los Angeles, California

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L.A is very famous and for many reasons that shouldn’t make anyone proud. L.A was particularly severe in regards to the home break-ins a few decades ago and although it is not as bad as it was in the 90s and early 2000s the number of home break-ins is still noticeable.

# 6 – Houston, Texas

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Hitting up the first place regarding home break-ins is Houston Texas. Houston has consistently ranked in the top spot of most home break-ins for years now. The numbers, like many other cities in this article, has slowly been decreasing but the number of home break-ins is still very high and something that the law enforcement seems to be having a difficult time controlling.

Getting Better

It is safe to say that although many of these cities do have home break-ins, there is still some good news that can become out of this. The number of home break0ins has been steadily decreasing over the years.



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