The futon cover is very popular especially among the people of japan who love to sleep on futon mattresses. Almost every home in japan has a futon mattress and consequently a futon cover. It is good to take care of these mattresses and covers so that they last long. If you were having trouble and wondering how to clean your futon cover, you need not worry anymore. Below are 6 of the best ways to clean your futon covers.

1. Vacuuming

It is important to find a way to clean your futon cover such that it is able to last longer. One of the best ways is by vacuuming it while it is still on the mattress. This is meant to remove the loose dirt that may have accumulated over the course of time. You may also use a brush as you vacuum to ensure it is properly cleaned.

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2. Deodorize it

You will find that futon mattresses start to smell after some time if they are not properly taken care of. Consequently, futon covers also start to smell. It is important that you deodorize them to remove the smell. You can do this with your futon mattress as well. Put some baking soda on it and let it sit for a while. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda after an hour or two.

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3. Stains

After a while, your futon cover will have lots of stains on it. Do not wait for this to happen. Anytime you notice that there is a stain on the futon cover, use some vinegar and soap as well as a piece of cloth to dry it. You can do this if you do not want to wash the whole cover over a small stain. Vinegar is a very powerful stain remover.

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4. Soak it

Cleaning a futon cover is like cleaning a duvet or sheets by hand washing. In order to properly clean it, you would first have to soak it for a while in soap and water. It makes it much easier to wash after about an hour or two as all the stains will be weaker and easier to remove.

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5. Wash in warm water

Washing a futon cover in warm water helps to kill any smell and keeps it fresher when it dries. If you want to you can use a dry cleaner though hand washing has been the most effective means of cleaning futon covers

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6. Drying

After you have washed your futon cover,you could either hang it out and leave it to dry or use a dryer. It is however recommended that you use a dryer after washing for the absolute best results.

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