A plumber has to make educated guesses on drainage problems and try to locate a clog the hard way without the benefits of being able to see down into the pipes. Below are seven ways that a camera inspection of your drainage pipes is a sensible solution for locating problems and seeing the condition of your drainage system.

1. Complete Home Plumbing Inspection Before Sale or Purchase

Having the plumbing carefully checked is one way to ease your mind when it comes to buying and selling a home. You can let the results showing solid and clear drainage speak for themselves when enticing new buyers.

2. Routine Checkup to Keep Pipes Free Flowing

Slow draining pipes are an indication that you have a buildup of materials or a developing clog. Have your pipes checked visually using a camera system that accesses every area.

3. Locate the Source of a Clog

A clog that is deep within your sewer drains can be hard to pinpoint. A camera inspection will search until it finds the area that’s causing the problem. It’s a helpful diagnostic tool for your plumber.

4. Locate Outdoor Pipe Without Digging Up the Yard

Do you know where your sewer pipe runs from the house to the location it empties into the city drainage? A camera inspection will show the exact location by sending out a signal telling the operator where it’s at when the pipe is entered. It will save digging up numerous holes in the yard searching for the pipe.

5. Locate the Source of a Problem Without Tearing Up Your House

Signal location with a camera inspection is helpful inside the home. You can find out exactly where clogs or areas of needed repair are without tearing out walls and flooring searching. It makes the repair faster and less destructive to reach. Find more information and learn from the available resources on the Drain Rescue website.

6. Check Root Growth

Roots can begin growing into your drain pipes if there are trees close to your line and the system is aging. Removing them is great, but they have a tendency to grow back over time. A camera inspection will show you how much regrowth has happened and whether you need to have roots removed again.

7. Prepare for a Remodel

Adding, removing, or replacing plumbing goes smoother when you know what is already there and whether the current hardware is sufficient. Plumbing professionals will often use a camera inspection to help in the planning process of a major remodel.

Check with a plumber and find out if you can benefit from having a camera inspection of your drainage system.


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