You may enjoy the compliments from visitors that see your beautiful hardwood flooring, but making it last takes a little extra care. Below are seven ways you can easily help protect the surface of your wood floor and get maximum value for your investment.

1. Sweep Each Day

The amount of debris carried in and dropped on the floor daily can be astounding. Little pebbles, twigs and other hard materials can get stepped on and create indentations or scratches on the surface of your wood flooring. These will begin to accumulate and dull the look of your floor. The simple process of using a dust mop each day can keep this from happening.

2. Use Indoor Slippers

You are less apt to bring debris inside by switching to a softer bottom surface indoor shoe, or slipper. You can a pair set aside for the whole family near the main door people enter and exit. There will a reduced possibility of scratches and marks from the bottom of shoes that have picked up tiny particles trapped between the tread lines.

3. Place Rugs in High Traffic Spots

Walkways that lead to the front and back door, or hallways are considered high traffic spots in your home. They will see the most footwear of any area. Placing long runners of carpeting, or soft rugs in these prime locations will help keep the wood floor protected.

4. Use Furniture Coasters

Furniture coasters can prove helpful in two ways. The first is in making the movement of heavy furniture easier. It can often be done with one person. The second directly benefits the wood floor by eliminating the chance of scratching by dropping and sliding heavy furniture items.

5. Mop Liquid Spills Right Away

A liquid can be more harmful to a wood floor than nearly anything. When it is allowed to soak in there can be permanent discoloration, warping of the planks, and begins the process of degrading the quality of the wood. Mop all spilled liquids as soon as possible.

6. Use Gentle Cleaners

Hardwood flooring is coated with products that cannot withstand a lot of harsh chemicals. The surface protectant will begin to break down, leaving the wood underneath completely vulnerable. Always use gentle cleaners that are designed for wood floors. Visit the Relative Space website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

7. Use a Dolly

A dolly is a useful tool for moving, but they can also prove a lifesaver for the surface of your wood flooring. When heavy objects have to be moved over the surface of your hardwood flooring, pack them securely on a dolly to wheel them through the area.

Taking a few protective measures will help ensure that your wood floors last and look great for years to come.


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