Vegetable and flower gardens are important features for some individual property owners. The benefits of utilizing smaller containers always help in the development of the perfect garden. Below are seven great uses for wood wine bottle boxes in helping create and maintain your gardens this year.

1. Create an Indoor Herb Garden

Growing fresh herbs in your home are one of the simplest ways to cook healthier and tastier foods. Wood wine boxes made to hold two or three bottles are the perfect size to add a little potting soil and seeds and enjoy quick results. You can grow fresh herbs with little fuss and a small amount of natural light. Keep them on racks near a kitchen window.

2. Indoor and Outdoor Wood Flower Boxes

Add fresh flowers to your interior and exterior decor by adding single wine bottle wood boxes to your windows. Grow a wide variety of colorful flowers to give your home a lovely look for all that pass by.

3. Raised Garden Bed for Flowers

Instead of spending a fortune on materials and time in creating smaller raised fower beds, place smaller wine boxes of wood on the surface of the ground, add potting soil, seeds, and let them grow wherever you want them.

4. Starter Boxes for Seedlings

Every serious gardener knows that you have to start seeds indoors a few weeks before planting them in the ground. Wood wine boxes are the perfect conduit to start the growth and later transplant them to your desired garden spot. You can reuse them each year by storing them in a garage or shed.

5. Make a Small Indoor Cactus Garden

Small cactus are fun to grow and can do well inside your home. Use a medium-size wood wine box to plant 6 to 8-types of small cactus in your indoor garden. Water them occasionally and watch them progress over time.

6. Move Light-Sensitive Plants Easier

It’s easier to move light-sensitive plants than it is to create shade on extra hot summer days. Add easy-to-grip handles to the sides of wood wine boxes and plant these types of plants inside. You can grab them and move around the yard to give them more or less light, as needed.

7. Create Live Flower Gifts for Special Occasions

A wonderful and thoughtful gift for a birthday or special occasion is to present live plants and flowers to the gardener in your life. They will appreciate the thought and time you put into their special gift. A single wine bottle box is all you need to create the perfect mini-garden.

Gardening help has never been easier than incorporating the use of wood wine bottle boxes.


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