Ever wondered how those cool biometric locks function in those badass Hollywood movies? Well, guess what! You’re not the only one who got blown away with all the futuristic stuff shown in the movies. Keyless locks are becoming more accessible across the globe, and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Conventional locking systems are becoming obsolete as we talk. With revolutionary technologies evolving rapidly, biometric systems have swept the markets with their super secure systems. Let’s make things easier for you by breaking the whole thing down in terms of pros and cons in case you’re pondering about getting keyless locking systems for your home:

Pros of keyless locks



Security is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing a lock. The sole purpose of a lock is to keep possible intruders from breaking in. Keyless alternatives are more secure because of the technology they use nowadays. Biometric locks make use of the biological traits to decide whether the person seeking access is the rightful owner or not. Besides, most of the keyless door systems offer cloud support which is capable of alerting you of any possible tampering even when you’re away.


Fingerprint scanner
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The biggest selling point of the entire setup is the fact that it lets people do away with their keys. People who have a lot going through their mind often end up losing their keys in a way or another. Losing a key has serious repercussions and often requires the lock to be replaced for ensuring security. Keyless locks are the savior for people who absent-mindedly lose their keys.

No Fear Of Getting Locked Out:

Keyless lock

Don’t we all hate it when we get locked outside our homes while rushing back to pick up an important file left mistakenly before a meeting? The people inside might not always be available to let you in, and this often leads to unnecessary delays at times of need. Keyless door locks eliminate the dependency of an insider to let you in and help you overcome the fear of getting locked out at times of need.

Better Tracking:

Advanced keyless door systems coupled with a camera setup help in determining the traffic into your home at all times. Keeping a track of people coming in and leaving your house is important in the event of suspicion. This is a very important aspect when it comes to overall security.

Cons of keyless locks:

Frequent Updating:

Frequent Updating

Keyless systems require constant updates whether it be adding a new biometric signature or changing the passcode to the lock. The passcode needs to be changed frequently or at least after every public event to ensure nobody apart from the owners can unlock the doors.



Cost is not the deciding factor when it comes to securing your property, but it does play a significant role for some people. Keyless locks are getting cheaper with each passing day but still remain unaffordable to people struggling to make ends meet.

Software Glitches:

Although software glitches are highly uncommon for the best in the business keyless door locks, it does trouble people using their cheaper counterparts. A software issue often leads to a lockout scenario for the owners with only a technician knowing the way back in.

Some people can go on ranting about the cons of keyless door systems and it still won’t matter.  Sooner or later, keyless locking systems will get closer to perfection making the manual pin locks go obsolete. Since you have a better understanding of what you seek now, why don’t you call your locksmith lock-up services inc today and explore your options regarding keyless door systems?


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