You may be considering the installation of new locks in your existing house. You may have bought a new house in which case it is necessary to install new locks. Would you go out and buy locks on your own and then get someone to install them or would you choose a certified locksmith for the installation? The latter is a better option. Read on.

1. Smart locks

Smart locks

Why install mechanical locks when you can have smart locks? You may go out and buy a smart lockset but it is better to involve a certified locksmith in the process. Certified locksmith lockup services assist you in a number of ways. They know the peculiarities of each brand and will help you choose the right one. Two, smart locks are rather finicky and misalignments could cause malfunctions.

This is where certified locksmiths prove to be helpful. They will examine all your doors and take care of these to ensure the smart locks, when installed, will not jam. The lock may not fit properly due to the door design. Certified locksmiths know all that goes into purchase and installation of smart locks and will make it easier for you. The locks work perfectly.

2. Scamsters


The locksmith business is full of scamsters who have no fixed address or licensing or certification. Entrust new lock installation to them and you are actually opening your doors to a possible burglary in the future. According to the news, locksmith scams are on the rise. Certified and licensed locksmiths have a solid reputation and integrity. You can trust them to maintain confidentiality.

3. Certified locksmiths will help you in an emergency

Certified locksmiths will help you in an emergency

Certified locksmiths can be compared to family physicians. Such trusted locksmiths will help you select the right single key-multiple lock solution and then retain a record of the key or even a duplicate key for emergency use.

If you misplace your key you do not have to worry. Call your locksmith and you will have your door open in a jiffy. If the locks develop a problem, he can repair them. You do not have to buy new locks all over again.

4. High level of training, technical expertise, knowledge, and experience

High level of training, technical expertise, knowledge, and experience

You will find cogent reasons to pick only certified locksmiths for new lock installation. Locksmiths need to pass four levels of certification, each one more rigorous than the previous one. What you get is the benefit of training, knowledge, practical experience and expertise.

5. Total security solutions

Unsecure home

Locksmiths are knowledgeable about security. Mechanics may simply fit a lock to your door and be done with it. Certified locksmiths will assess the door and other security aspects and give you full advice. Apart from new locks installation, you receive the benefit of guidance on fully securing your premises with the use of other gadgets.

6. Fair pricing and transparency

Fair pricing and transparency

Scamsters will go to any lengths to make money. They may not give a proper estimate. There will be hidden surprises and extra charges all of which lead to unpleasantness. Certified locksmiths, on the other hand, give you a fair estimate upfront. In fact, they may even source and supply the finest locks at a lower than the market price.


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