Home renovations can seem very simple especially when you watch shows on how things get pulled together in a short time. The procedure is not cheap and hence most people tend to go the DIY way or use Dewalt Tools to save some bucks. While this is a good move, some mistakes can be very costly and will require the use of an expert hand. This is where the use of Dewalt Tools comes in. This article will give some of the common and most expensive mistakes in home remodeling and how you can avoid them.

1. Bad Design

Of all the mistakes that you can make, a bad design is the most expensive one. You’ve probably come across a house and wondered to yourself, “what were these people thinking?” This bad design will reduce the value of your home rather than increase it as you had initially hoped for. This will cost thousands of dollars to complete and in some cases make it impossible to sell this large investment. You can avoid this by proper planing before the design. Consult a design-build contractor or even hire a design professional separately.

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2. Cutting Corners

This means a lot of things that are normally done to cut remodeling costs in the short run. These include using cheap materials, buying lesser quality doors, fixtures and windows. It also includes hiring unlicensed contractors and subcontractors. These are some of the many short cuts that many homeowners make and they come to haunt them later on. Always ensure for quality fittings and only hiring licensed professionals.

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3. Getting Only One Opinion

Most errors are made by getting only one opinion when planning the renovation project. Most people just follow what worked for their friends or relatives forgetting that not everyone gets along with everyone else. What worked for someone might not always work for you.  To avoid this, it’s advisable to talking to at least two or three people before making your decision.

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4. Skipping The Permit

Skipping the permit is very tempting to many people but it’s never worth it. If the procedure is complex, the permitting process will help you to be double sure you’ll not be making costly mistakes. Skipping might result in spending thousands of dollars or even being forced to demolish the structure as it extends beyond a building setback. One can avoid this by ensuring that all the work on the home is properly permitted through the local building department.

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5. Wearing Too Many Hats

This normally happens when one decides to act as his or her own contractor. Yes, one can have the skills to do this but not the time. Juggling between work and a large remodeling project can be virtually impossible. The intended savings will vanish due to the many mistakes being made, things taking longer and expenses adding up. You can cut your project in manageable phases or hire a professional for help.

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6. Under-budgeting

Money is always an issue to many and this is the reason why most end up wearing many hats. They also want to save money with cheap contractors, cheap materials and so on. A budget that is too low will eventually lead to bad choices that will be expensive in future. Always have a good budget before starting on the project to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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